Thursday, December 13, 2012

Replicator 2 Update

Well MakerBot support has been great. They sent me the filament tube, they sent me a replacement Thermocouple and instructions on how to replace it. So after a small surgery my printer is up and running.  I do have a new support issue with them, wondering what I should do with a squeaky pulley. But, I'm sure they will help me with that as well.

Here's a short video of my printer running, hear the squeak?

So far I have printed sample files, and things I have downloaded.  My iPhone is sporting a printed case, and I have started printing a few X-Mas gifts for a friend. The quality I can get on the Replicator 2 is way beyond what my Printrbot was capable of.

Now I need to get working on some of my own designs.