Thursday, December 13, 2012

Replicator 2 Update

Well MakerBot support has been great. They sent me the filament tube, they sent me a replacement Thermocouple and instructions on how to replace it. So after a small surgery my printer is up and running.  I do have a new support issue with them, wondering what I should do with a squeaky pulley. But, I'm sure they will help me with that as well.

Here's a short video of my printer running, hear the squeak?

So far I have printed sample files, and things I have downloaded.  My iPhone is sporting a printed case, and I have started printing a few X-Mas gifts for a friend. The quality I can get on the Replicator 2 is way beyond what my Printrbot was capable of.

Now I need to get working on some of my own designs.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What kind of programmer are you?

While listening to the latest episode of Build & Analyze this morning. Marco Arment mentioned this post over at Joel on Software.  This article really hits home with me. I like elegant reusable code, but most of the time it's more important to "Just get things working."  You can always clean it up later.

What kind of programmer are you?

Now where's the duct tape?