Thursday, November 29, 2012

Replicator 2 update

MakerBot support is great.  Quick responses, great information, and very helpful. They are sending me the missing filament guide tube, even though I have a usable replacement, and all my other problems are currently resolved.

I do think the extruder mechanism is flawed. A spring loaded version is available for user modification and I will likely attempt the modification soon.

I've had a few problems with PLA not sticking to the platform, but I have not yet tried using blue tape on the platform, and I need to re-level the build platform.  Mark that up to user error and the learning process.

More to come as I get more experience with the printer.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Experiments in Wet Shaving

I (used) to hate shaving. Electric razors suck. Disposable razors make me feel ill every time I throw a used one away. So how can I get a better shave, take better care of my face, and not waste money?

An article in the first issue of "The Magizine" clued me in to Wet Shaving. This is basically the way we used to shave. All you need is a brush, shaving cream, double edged razor blades, a good razor, and some aftershave. For the details go to the article I mention, or any of the great websites that talk about Wet Shaving.

I'm still learning how to shave this way. I don't always get a great shave, but I'm working at it.  The most important thing is I'm willing to shave more often, and I'm enjoying the process.

3D Printer Stuff

I learned a bunch messing around with my LC Printrbot. But to be honest I got tired of the constant tweaking, and the looming need to print new gears to keep it running.

So, I ordered a MakerBot Replicator 2.  Expensive but still less costly than professional 3D printers.  I hoped that I would get the Replicator 2 and with minimal maintenance I would be be able to print with no fuss.

UGH, so far not going well.  The plunger based extruder is causing me problems. I'm getting an unexplained heat read error. And I think my Y axis belts are loose.  I will have to perform some emergency fixes to even get started. This is not the experience I expected.  

So far MakerBot support has been helpful and I hope that I'll be able to work through the issues and start using the printer like I want to.  I'll update with more information once I get passed these issues.  Hopefully I'll be able to give a better review then.