Friday, May 7, 2010

IPad Review Update

It's been several weeks since my last post, and I thought I should update my feelings about the IPad.

My initial feelings toward the "Magic" device haven't changed much. I still use it everyday for casual internet based activities, drawing, games, etc...  I have stopped using my desktop machine everyday of the week.  I still use it to sync and update my iPad and my iPhone, and there are of course several things that I can only do on my desktop. However, all the basics are covered with the iPad.

The Case
I decided quickly that I wanted to get a folio style case. My first case was a cheap one I found on Ebay ($12). This case has a few problems, there is nothing holding the iPad into the sleeve, and one orientation leaves the opening pointing down. There are also no holes for accessing the headphone jack, volume controls, or orientation lock. I have now decided to get a flip case from Marware instead.

I've been switching between Art Studio and the SketchBook Pro app for drawing. There are features I like in both of these apps. I haven't been using Brushes for the iPad much since I got these other apps, but things can change in the future.

The Pinball HD game has three tables with great graphics, I love these type of quick fun games, and this form factor is perfect for Pinball.

RSS / News
The NetNewsWire app provides a great experience for reading my Google Reader feeds. When I'm at work I use the Google Reader website and send stories I want to read to Instapaper.  I can then use Instapaper on the iPad to read through these saved stories. I have not been using the other news specific apps at all.

The Browser's the thing
The Safari browser on the iPad handles everything I throw at it. My bookmarks are sync'd with my desktop and my iPhone via MobileMe. One of my biggest complaints is that there are many sites that use mouse hover, which doesn't work on the iPad.

There are sites that see the iPad UserAgent and try to present you with a mobile version of their site. Don't do it, update your sites to give the normal web to us, flash free of course. There are occasional Flash sites that cause problems, but hopefully that crap will die out soon, at least for web use. I still think Flash is great for alot of things, just not on the web.

Camera Connection Kit
I got the camera connection kit recently. It works great with both of our cameras, I can move videos and pictures from our digital cameras to the iPad. This will be great to make a backup and for showing pics to friends and family.

You can also apaprently use the USB connector to hook a wired keyboard to the iPad, but I don't have a low power USB keyboard to test this with. Maybe I'll get one of those neat roll up keyboards.

The Future
My initial WI-FI only iPad is getting a new owner today, My Wife :)  The 3G model I ordered will be ready to use tonight, and I'll get to test it out on the road in the near future.

Early reports indicate that the unlimited plan is really the only way to go. The cheaper plan limits you to 250mb, which you can easily chew through in a few days.

Well hope this helps someone with deciding whether or not to buy, I would give it a big hairy thumbs up.