Saturday, April 3, 2010

More iPad Thoughts

Sitting on the couch watching Red Dwarf and surfing the web on my iPad. This is probably the most obvious use case for Apple's tablet and it's nearly perfect. I'm still trying to figure out the most comfortable way to hold the thing. I think a folio style case would actually make it more comfortable, but I'm not sure.

Brushes for the iPad is great, all the great features of the iphone version. But larger, faster, and more resolution. Really looking forward to using this app more.

Netflix for the iPad is a killer application. It's a great way to manage your queue on the couch or to watch movies wherever you have a net connection. ABC has a similar app that lets you watch several of their top shows.  I can't wait to see what Hulu does.

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote look and feel amazing. Word is that these apps were created using the same apis that are available to iPhone/iPad developers.  Thats a very inspiring bit of information. I think there will soon be an incredible array of creative solutions to problems that we don't even know we have.