Tuesday, February 2, 2010

iPad Thoughts

I decided to wait a week before writing more about the iPad. I have had some time to read other opinions and think more about how such a device might fit in my life. Lets start with the things I didn't like about it.


  • Camera - This is the biggest problem for me. This device should have a camera, a front facing camera 3 mega-pixel or so. It needs it for taking self pics, and for skype. I fully suspect we will see a camera on the next version of the iPad. To be honest I half expect it will be the surprise addition that happens before they are available in a few months.

  • Background apps - I'm guessing that iPhone OS 4.0 will have some form of Background app support. My guess is that there will be a limit of 1-3 apps that can have a background presence. Something light-weight like a partial app that listens for events.  This would be ideal on the iPad as well, but I do not expect this to happen before launch.

  • 16x9 screen resolution - To be honest this doesn't bother me at all.  I may watch things on the iPad, but its not a TV, I'm not gonna be watching many movies on the thing.


  • It's just a Big iPod Touch - Yes and thats cool as hell.  If it was just Email and Web access in this form factor it would be really good.  But with all the apps, and a bigger easier to use on screen keyboard.  Man I can't wait to use this.  This device will almost complete replace my Laptop.   I will still need it to do remote work, programming and such, but thats it.  I have a desktop for all the heavy lifting.  I don't need a full-Os in a portable form.   The iPhone / iPod Touch has proven this already.

Iphone OS 3.2 - The iPad currently runs a new version of the IPhone / iPod Touch OS  There are a few new features in this version of the OS that will make the Pad  / Touch / and IPhone better than ever.

  1. Shared File Storage - All apps will now be able to share files with the host OS easily with no special applications required on the Desktop.

  2. File Based Events - All apps will now be able to be launched with a file if they no how to handle it.  So you can click on an attachment in an email and a special app that knows how to handle that file type can be launched.  This allows apps to send files to each other.

  3. Custom keyboards / input - All apps can now create custom keyboards / input fields. This means you can have hand writing recognition in your app.  Or custom numeric input like they showed in the Numbers app.

All of this together will create a great mobile experience.  I can't wait to be sitting on the couch browsing the web on this thing, or sitting at the computer using the Brushes app to draw, or sitting at the computer using a new app that turns the iPad into a input device for my desktop computer.

My only problem now is buying one when it comes out.

The Job Search

Well I decided it was time to get back to a regular Full Time Job again. Wish I could keep doing iPhone / and soon iPad development, but that will have to take the role of hobby again. No money in it unless your a big company or you get very lucky.

On the positive side I have already gotten several phone calls about possible jobs.