Sunday, August 30, 2009

Health Care Reform

I've been getting very pissed off at some things members of my family and some friends have been saying and sending to me about the proposed Health Care Reform plan thats is currently being discussed.   But, not for the reasons you might think.

The thing that is pissing me off is that everyone is just forwarding and propagating myths and lies that either side is making up to support their reasons for or against the proposal.  Do some freaking research people. Just because Rush or some other "Entertainer" tells you that something is true, doesn't mean it is.  What happened to balanced factual news reporting. Its almost impossible to find information on the proposals that you can trust.

This post at helps to illuminate some of these false "Facts" that I keep seeing:

Twenty-six Lies About H.R. 3200

Now click on that and read it, then read it again, then calm down for a minute.

Oh, and If I get one more email from a so called friend or relative about how Obama is evil, mostly because he is black, I'm going to pretty much stop talking to them. Is he perfect? No. Is he always right? No. Does it matter that he is black? No. Stop being so damn hateful.  I thought my friends and family were better than that. Now grow up!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goodbye Trill

One of the first things we did when we moved to Charlotte was to get a kitty. She was very sick when we first got her, but after several weeks of vet trips and medicine she got better.  We named her 'Trill' and she has always been a gentle lap kitty.  Its been almost 13 years and she has been a great companion.  Today we said goodbye to her. She will be greatly missed.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New iPhone 3G S

Today Apple Announced that the iPhone 3.0 software update will be out June 17th. They also announced the new iPhone 3G S which will be available on June 19th. I for one can't wait to get the new phone for development and personal use. Here's a short rundown on a few of the new iPhone features:

  • 3 Megapixel camera with Auto focus, auto white balance, better low light performance, and macro.

  • Support for Video recording, video trimming / minimal editing, and sharing with Youtube and other services.

  • Much faster processor

  • Voice control, voice dialing, and iPod control

  • improved Accessibility

  • Digital compass chip

  • Improved battery life

The new phone will be available in a 16gb version for $199 and in a 32gb version for $299.  They are also keeping the 2nd gen 3G around for $99 (not sure if that is the 8gb or the 16gb version).

Update: Check out the Apple Store for more info.

Friday, May 29, 2009

His favorite music.

Working this morning with iTunes playing in the background.  The song 'Ventura Highway' by the band America starts playing and I'm hit with a very strong memory of my Dads Father, my Grandfather.  He died many years ago from Cirrhosis. He was a heavy drinker who never recovered from retirement. I wasn't terribly close to him, but I have many good memories of him.  He loved to read westerns, but I don't know if he had a favorite author.  He frequently played the lottery, but never won more than he spent playing it.  He loved to eat steak for dinner, almost every night.  He also kept a loaded 44 under the bed.  I once heard him laughing and giggling loudly after talking about the time my Grandmother tried to feed a frog some bologna (yeah that is kinda funny).

I don't have many good pictures of him, the ones I do have are from when he wasn't feeling well.   I guess all that really matters is that I thought of him this morning and wanted to share.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

TerraTrike me Likey

Recently Leo Laport the podcasting guru of got a new toy.  This happens all the time, there is always a Macbreak Weekly pick or a Daily Giz Wiz gadget that I want.  However, this new toy makes me drool like the rabid fanboy I know I am, and big surprise its not a new device from Apple.  It's a recumbent tricyle called the TerraTrike.  These trikes look like so much fun.  I've been thinking about getting a bicycle for a long time. Any excuse to get more exercise is good.  These trikes are the way to go.  I just need to lose some more weight so I won't break the durn thing.  I can't wait to get one.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It Was One Year Ago Today (well almost)

About a year ago I posted that I was taking a year off.  A friend of mine recently mentioned that I had not updated in a while about "The Year Off".  I wish I had made myself update weekly, hell even monthly would have been good.  At the very least I wanted to post when the year was over, and to see how I did.

Originally I wrote about these goals:

  • Lose weight: I started the year walking regularly. I lost 30 lbs very quickly. I haven't maintained my walking schedule, but I'm getting back into it now. At least I have not gained the weight back. I hope to lose much more.

  • Art / polymer clay: I have sold several items on our Etsy store. I made a bunch of stuff that is either for sale or has been given away as gifts.  I really do enjoy making things, but its not yet something I can do as a full time job. Who knows maybe someday.

  • Programming for Fun: I started writing iPhone software for fun, but I will soon be selling my own iPhone applications. Its still fun, but hopefully I can spin it into a job.

  • Guitar: I have not touched my guitar in a year. I still want to spend time learning to play.

  • Spend more time with L: Here at least I have succeeded.

So whats next? Well....  I decided not to return to my old job.  This was a very hard decision to make.  I'm working on several applications that will be for sale on the iPhone App store soonish.  Soon my little software company will be off and running.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Drawing on the iPhone

I mentioned the Brushes app on the iPhone the other day, and I thought I would post some more doodles I've done since then.  I'm really loving being able to draw anywhere whenever I have a few minutes, no pencils or pad required.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bailey poses for the camera

I haven't posted enough pics of our most recent addition.

Bailey Sez HAI

iPhone App Review: Brushes

I saw a link on Twitter to a post at Gizmodo about the application Brushes for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The images linked to via this article looked great. I checked the reviews in the app store to see what other people thought of the app, and decided to spend $2.99 (the price at the time) for Brushes.  I had been looking for a good drawing app for the iPhone, and this app appears to fit the bill.  The tools are simple and easy to use. Its a great way to entertain yourself when you have a few minutes. And you'll have it with you wherever you go.  I highly recommend it.