Thursday, April 24, 2008

Almost one month gone

I can't believe the time is going so fast. It still feels like I just started this adventure. Time for an update:

Exercise: I contiue to walk almost everyday. The distance I walk each day has doubled. I should be increasing it to the next level next week.  On the days I have to cut the grass I usually don't walk. Believe it or not cutting the grass has turned into a big workout for me.  My new lawn mower (cordless electric) is pretty heavy. Each week cutting the grass has gotten much easier.

Etsy: So far its going ok, I haven't sold much - not sure if its my pricing, or the quality of my work. Each time I add an item to our store I get more exposure, and there are several people now watching our store.  I may have to tweak the prices some.  One thing I need to do is come up with a line of items I can become known for.  I have gotten the most feedback on the bowls, and I have supplies to make several more. I'm also adding more little figures to the store over the next couple of weeks.

Business cards: I ordered one hundred cards to include in items I sale, they came out really well and were very cheap.  I highly recommend Overnight Prints for your cards.

iPhone SDK: The 4th release of the iPhone SDK beta has been downloaded and installed.  I haven't done much with it so far.  But I plan on working on something very soon.  I have to admit that not getting into the Certificate program when many others with no programming experience did was a big de-motivator for me.