Friday, February 8, 2008

"My Year Off" - (Part 1)

Many of my friends and familiy are going to think I've gone totally insane.

But, here it is, I'm taking an entire year off from work and my career. I'm going to spend my time doing only the things I love, which include the hobbies that I neglect when I spend most of my time working. It sounds crazy but the idea of taking a year to focus on what's important to me is a rare opportunity.

My employer wasn't exactly happy to hear my plans. I'm not sure they believed me at first. But, they have really been very helpful. I didn't have to quit, I'm taking an official Leave of Absence, so I get to keep my stock options and it is much easier for them to take me back at the end of my year away.

Luckily L does a great job managing our finances, and we will be fine for the next year as long as we cut back on the non-essential expenditures. We may even be able to travel some.

I have compiled a short list of goals for myself. These are things that I wish to accomplish with my time over the next year. I will need to budget my time, just like any job, to accomplish even half if these:

  • Lose weight: I will be taking this opportunity to make big changes, the most important of which is my health. I must lose a bunch of weight and this is my chance to learn how to live differently

  • Art / polymer clay: i really enjoy making things in clay, I want to get better and I want to see if I can at least earn enough to pay for my own art supplies. I know I will not be able to do this as a career, but at least I will be happy spending my time on it.

  • Programming for Fun: I miss writing software for myself I'll be spending a small amount of time doing some fun programming and learning new technologies

  • Guitar: I have two guitars and I can't play anything. I want to learn the basics and at least have fun with the guitar.

  • Spend more time with L: She deserves more of my time than she currently gets.

  • And much more

At the end of "my year in limbo" I will re-evaluate what is important to me, return to my career and hopefully enjoy it much more than I have been. Don't get me wrong, I like my job, but it used to be more than just a job to me. Maybe I can get some of that back by changing my perspective on things.