Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Musique non stop

There was a time when computer graphics were still very primative, and this video was ground breaking. I remember being fascinated by it. And anyway, you have to love Kraftwerk, no really, you have to, or the Germans will come get you, and I'll help!

Kings of Convenience

Been listening to the Kings of Convenience today, and I thought I would post a couple of videos in case you haven't heard of them. The Videos aren't all that great, but the music is nice and easy.

My favorite video by them is "Gold in the Air of Summer", but I can't seem to find a video for that one.

Only A Fool Would Say That

Lots of great info coming out from CES this year.

As far as the Blue-Ray vs HD-DVD war goes, I like the idea of one of the formats winning, but I'm not sure I want it to be anything to do with Sony. I was really hoping that HD-DVD would be the victor.

Now how long till Microsoft makes  a Blue-Ray drive for the XBOX 360, cause thats when you will really know that the format war is over.