Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Whats on the net tonight?

Been a while since I posted links:

  • Apple announced that there will be a Developer API by next February. Apparently apple is really good at hiding old news entries. I can't find a link to the original text anywhere.

  • OS X Leopard is here, and I can't wait to install it. Lots of really positive reviews out there.

  • I'm not sure when it happened but Dinko Tilov's polymer clay site is back up at a new URL. I really like his style. He has a great book for sale as well. One of my favortite polymer artists.

  • The American Craft Council show is this weekend in Charlotte.

  • Happy Dia De Los Muertos.  I need to get some better pictures of this Day of the Dead tattoo posted now that it is complete.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

iPhone thoughts

It's been said already, but I really think that Apple needs to create a supported SDK for native iPhone apps soon or they are basically throwing away a golden opportunity. I don't want just a cool phone I want a portable computer that I and others can develop applications for.

Keeping the phone locked down will only drive business away.

Things I would like to see available for iPhone development:

  • A documented and semi-supported SDK provided by Apple.

  • Ability to link to other iphone apps like the browser currently handles. If a user clicks on a phone number in my app it should allow them to call that number.  Other integrations should also be supported.

  • Ability to store data on the phone and have it be synced with the desktop. I could then provide desktop versions of my apps.

  • Ability for 3rd party apps to access the internet via edge or wireless.

  • Graphics and sound access for Games and such.

  • I would really like to see the iPhone support Adobe AIR and / or flash apps running outside the browser. this is not likely to happen.

  • Itunes integration of some kind for adding apps to the iphone.

  • Ability to install apps to the iphone via edge or wireless networking.

  • It would be really great if Apple did something like XBox live Arcade and provided a means for developers to sell their apps to iPhone customers.