Monday, July 2, 2007

Minor iPhone gripes

Here is a, sure to grow, list of minor iPhone gripes:

  1. The headphone jack is inset and does not fit most headphone plugs.  There is an adapter, but I should not have to buy it.

  2. My cheap 3rd party doc that works fine with my Video iPod does not support audio out with the iPhone.  I have no idea why, but buying another dock sucks.

  3. The battery doesn't last as long as I would like. The sad thing is, it lasts longer than anyone expected it to. Why is new battery tech so far behind?

  4. Several times now I have had the music stop playing when some kind of network error occurs. Dropped from wi-Fi network, not sure what the cause really was, because no error message was displayed.

  5. While trying to email a photo to Flikr the mail app starts to load but then stops and I get dropped back to the desktop. Again, there was no error message to indicate what might have caused the problem. I'll try again when I get to my home wi-fi network.