Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Muppets Rule!!!!

Saw this linked on Kevin Rose's Pownce

I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I'm a huge Huge HUGE fan of the Muppets. Jim Henson will always be one of my heroes.

I don't know the origin of this particular fan video, but I have to say bravo.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Windows to Mac Switch

We now have two Mac's in the house. I have a Macbook Pro and L now has a Macbook. I'm sure she will post in a few days about what she thinks. Right now she is too busy reading the new Harry Potter book. :)

I thought I would post a few links to help with the PC to Mac switch:

Monday, July 16, 2007

Eye To Eye, Music you’ve probably never heard of.

When I was a kid I used to love to finger through my dads vinyl records. I was introduced to a wide varity of music by my parents. One album that I kept on tape for years but forgot about for many years was the album Eye To Eye by the band of the same name. A few years ago they released a CD of their two records. There are some really great tunes that you might like on these Albums.  My personal favorite songs are:

  • Hunger Pains

  • Life In Motion

  • More Hopeless Knowledge

  • Progress Ahead

  • Time Flys

Harry Potter and the five year old that won’t shut the hell up.

We saw the new Harry Potter movie this weekend. Wow, great movie. As a purist there were a few things that I don't think they should have changed. However, they did a really good job with the story, lots of magic, and lots of fun.

Why do parents insist on taking children to movies when they know they are too young to keep silent during the movie. Please be considerate and stay home.

The final Harry Potter book comes out this weekend. We are only getting one copy of the book. I have to read it quickly so that Lisa isn't suffering for too long. I have only been this crazy for one other series, The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zalazney.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

iPhone case mini-review

I bought an incase protective cover for my iPhone.


  • Easy to add or remove the phone.

  • Makes the phone less slippery and easier to hold

  • Reduce's hand fatigue when talking on the phone.

  • Does not need to be removed to use the phone. It doesn't cover the screen.


  • You can not put the phone in it's cradle when you have the case on.

  • The case makes it harder to slip the phone into your pants.

  • When using the case and the sync cable (not the cradle) its difficult to remove the cable.

Well, hope that helps and have fun using your phone.

Monday, July 9, 2007

A Quote I can’t get out of my head.

"Switch off the mind and let the heart decide
who you were meant to be" - Thomas Dolby, Wind Power

Monday, July 2, 2007

Posting from the iPhone

Doing a test post from the iPhone. It's a surprise how easy it is to use the internet from this phone. Typing is pretty easy, not as easy as a real keyboard, but very close.

Minor iPhone gripes

Here is a, sure to grow, list of minor iPhone gripes:

  1. The headphone jack is inset and does not fit most headphone plugs.  There is an adapter, but I should not have to buy it.

  2. My cheap 3rd party doc that works fine with my Video iPod does not support audio out with the iPhone.  I have no idea why, but buying another dock sucks.

  3. The battery doesn't last as long as I would like. The sad thing is, it lasts longer than anyone expected it to. Why is new battery tech so far behind?

  4. Several times now I have had the music stop playing when some kind of network error occurs. Dropped from wi-Fi network, not sure what the cause really was, because no error message was displayed.

  5. While trying to email a photo to Flikr the mail app starts to load but then stops and I get dropped back to the desktop. Again, there was no error message to indicate what might have caused the problem. I'll try again when I get to my home wi-fi network.

How the iPhone changes the cellular buisness for the better.

So you have your shiney new iPhone. And it works great. Now What?

Sit back and watch the carriers fall to pieces. Now that Apple has their foot in the door there will be no stopping them. The big carriers just don't get it, they don't understand that what consumers want is ease of use, and a consistent experience with their phone. They want that Star-Trek moment and it better work every time. If there is a problem with it, they want friendly and helpful people to fix the problem without over charging them. None of the carriers have good customer service reputations, they gouge their customers at every turn and dare them to risk terminating a long term contract to go with a rival where the experience will be just as bad.

Along with every "iPhone is great" post going up on blogs around the country, there are posts going up about how bad the AT&T experience was. As Apple gains power in this market they will continue to do things right, while the carriers continue to do them wrong. Overtime the carriers will become less important while the new little portable computers that Apple, and hopefully other companies, make will become whats important. The phone buisness will be just another computer buisness. The carriers like AT&T will become just another internet provider wondering where all the cash went.

It won't happen overnight, and it won't be without a fight, but I for one can't wait for it.

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