Monday, July 28, 2003

New Music

We got a few new CD's that are worthy of mention:

Jane's Addiction, Strays
This album is great! I'm liking it better than the older Jane's stuff.

Chris Cornell and Rage Against The Machine together in a perfect blend.

Electric Six, Fire
A whacky mix of Rock and Dance music, with a humorous twist.

Current Music: Jane's Addiction "Price I Pay"

Monday, July 7, 2003


Picture a typical College get together to watch a movie, play some pool, and eat pizza. A bunch of Computer Science majors goofing off. The movie was Freejack and the pizza was Geno's. There were a few people there that I did not normally hang out with.

I was completely caught off guard by this girl I did not know. We did not talk much, but we kept looking at each other just in time to see the other turn away. I wanted to talk to her for days afterwards, but I just couldn't get up the courage. One night at work at the Computer Center lab, the girl and a friend of hers showed up and I made a fool of myself trying to find excuses to talk to them. Later that night I called her friend so I could get her number.

We have been married now for a little over 9 years. And my only regret is that I did not talk to her the night we first met.

XTC - "Then She Appeared"

Then she appeared, apple venus on a half open shell
Then she appeared, the first photograph on Fox Talbots gel
I was a little frightened
Flying with my senses heightened
Cherubim cheered
Then she appeared
Then she appeared, as the giggling crew of Marie Celeste
Then she appeared, pale Atlantis rising out of the west
I was a little dazzled
Catherine wheeled and senses frazzled
Know it sounds weird
Then she appeared
And the sun which formally shone
In the clearest summer sky
Suddenly just changed address
Now shines from her blue eyes
Then she appeared, brittle shooting star that dropped in my lap
Then she appeared, dressed in tricolour and phrygian cap
I was a little troubled
Hookah with my senses bubbled
All Edward leared
Then she appeared
And the moon which formally shone
On the marbled midnight mile
Suddenly just packed its bags
Now shines from her bright smile
Then she appeared
Out of nowhere

Current Music: XTC "Then She Appeared"